Research Studies

Nutrition and Dietary supplements

  1. Military Nutrition Environment 
    • Go For Green (G4G) 2.0 Program Evaluation
    • Station Style Dining and Go for Green 2.0 Evaluation 
    • Military Nutrition Environmental Assessment Tool: mNEAT 
  2. Evaluation of Omega-3 Index Levels in Service Members: 
    • Optimization of Omega-3 Index levels in varsity athletes at the US Naval Academy: Personalized omega-3 dosage and molecular genetic approaches 
    • Evaluation of Omega-3 Index levels after offering fish daily for 16 weeks to West Point Cadets
  3. Dietary Ingredients and Immune Health
  4. Effects of Dietary Ingredients on Heat Stress in Mice

Brain health: Mental performance & cognitive agility

  1. Evaluating Training to Enhance Cognitive Agility 
  2. Warfighter Readiness Biomarkers for Modulators of Resilience and Mitochondria Function

musculoskeletal injury/prevention

  1. Musculoskeletal Outcomes & Readiness Evaluation (MORE)
  2. Proteomics Profiles Associated with Stress Fractures in Service Members 

  3. Initiation of Marine Physiological Assessment of Combat Training 
  4. Reducing Injuries with Training Enhancement, Targeted Rehabilitation and Core Conditioning 

  5. Medical Research Program Predicting and Preventing Low Back Pain in Marine Aviators at Camp Lejeune

exertion related events & sickle cell trait

  1. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Investigating Exertion Related Illness in the Service Member – ERIS
  2. Exercise Stress Testing in Exertional Heat Illness/Rhabdoymyolysis: Clinical Utility and Biomarkers for Prediction
  3. Genomics of Exertion Related Events Associated with Sickle Cell Trait

spiritual fitness

  1. Called to Serve: Special Tactics Spiritual Readiness to Warfare

community based research

  1. Implementation of a Human Performance Optimization (HPO) and Total Force Fitness (TFF) Capability Based Blueprint (HPO/TFF CBB)

integrative health & technology

  1. Technology Enhanced Mobile Platform for Performance Optimization (TEMPPO)


study participation

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